Friday, February 02, 2018
9:00AM-1:00 PM
Joseph M. Montoya Building
Economic Development Department
Padilla Conference Room
1100 S. St. Francis Drive
Santa Fe
To inquire, please call 827.0300


Boards and Commissions

Economic Development Commission
Cassandra Baca Administrator  
Anthony Tanner Member District I
Larry Stolarczyk Member District II
Alex O. Romero Chair District III
Doug Redmond Member District IV
Barbara Reedy Member District V
Gregg Fulfer Member District VI
Timothy Hargrove Member District VII
Ronald Toya Member Native American
Paul Silverman Member At-Large
Industrial Training Board (JTIP)
Barbara Brazil Chair Deputy Cabinet Secretary,
NM Economic Development Department
Louise Williams  

NM Public Education Department,
College and Career Readiness

Frances Bannowsky  

NM Higher Education Department,
Adult Basic Education

Paul DiPaola  

US Bank Regional President (Represents the Private Sector)

Brian Tremko  

SW Regional Council of Carpenters

Michelle Doran  

NM Department of Workforce Solutions,
Advisory Member

Marcos Martinez   NM Department of Workforce Solutions,
Business Services
New Mexico Border Authority
Secretary Matt Geisel Chairman NM Economic Development Department
Vacant Vice-Chair  
Lt. Governor John Sanchez Ex-Officio State of New Mexico
Vacant Secretary  
John Jay Spivey Director Deming
Joseph Dvorak Assistant Attorney General Santa Fe
Bill Connor Director Las Cruces
Reese Carson Director Las Cruces
Vacant Director  
New Mexico Partnership Board of Directors
Executive Committee
Pat Vincent-Collawn, Chair Region 3 Business
Tom Hutchinson, Vice Chair  Region 4 Business
Mike Espiritu, Treasurer  Region 6 Economic Development
Lisa Hardison, Secretary Region 6 Business
Tim Nitti, President & CEO   New Mexico Partnership
Board Members
Senator Clemente Sanchez Region 1 Economic Development
Joe DiGregorio Region 1 Business
Matthew Spriggs Region 2 Economic Development
Rebecca Romero Rainey Region 2 Business
Pat Vincent-Collawn Region 3 Business
Vacant Region 3  
David Hale Region 4 Economic Development
Vacant Region 4  
Chuck Hamilton Region 5 Business
Vacant Region 5  
Mike Espiritu Region 6 Economic Development
Lisa Hardison Region 6 Business
Davin Lopez Region 7 Economic Development
Thomas Hutchinson Region 7 Business
NMEDD Secretary Matt Geisel Designated  
New Mexico Spaceport Authority
Rick Holdridge Chairman  
Lt. Governor John Sanchez    
David Buchholtz    
Jerry Stagner    
Irvin Diamond    
Ben Woods    
Paul Deason    
Small Business Regulatory Advisory Commission

Johanna Nelson

Mary Jean Christenson Commissioner Western Region
Matthew Spriggs Commissioner Northern Region
James Zanios Commissioner Central Region
Michael Beckett Commissioner Southern Region
Vacant Commissioner Eastern Region
George Vescovo Commissioner  
John David Smith Commissioner  
Jay Carroll Commissioner