Dear Business Community,

As the economic landscape quickly evolves, we want to respond to the business community as quickly as possible. In this spirit, we forged a cross-agency collaborative called the Economic Rapid Response Taskforce. This collaborative is between the Economic Development, Workforce Solutions and Tourism departments, working directly with the Office of the Governor. 

Together, a clearinghouse was developed to enhance communications during this critical time.  Please submit your business questions, challenges, and feedback through the Business Rapid Response online submission form.  All submissions will be reviewed and filtered to the appropriate agency for timely response.  Click here to submit.  We appreciate your participation, as it will support economic recovery efforts across the state. 

The Economic Rapid Response Taskforce will continue to focus on recovery, serving the needs of the business community.  Below is an update of the most recent recovery efforts.  Moreover, the Office of the Governor is working hand-in-hand with New Mexico’s congressional delegation and New Mexico’s state legislators. 

Thank you in advance for your participation.


Alicia J. Keyes                                                               
Cabinet Secretary
Economic Development Department

Bill McCamley
Cabinet Secretary
Workforce Solutions

Jen Paul Schroer
Cabinet Secretary
Tourism Department

Daniel Schlegel
Small Business Advisor
Office of the Governor