Arrowhead Center


Arrowhead includes a number of programs designed to grow businesses and the economy.

Arrowhead Accelerators (Sprints) include four accelerators that support technology-based and export-base companies through education, mentorship, and financing in a virtual, cohort-based setting.  All Sprints ventures complete 30 customer interviews, receive National Science Foundation I-Corps lineage (an opportunity to secure a $50,000 grant), Arrowhead Innovation Fund (seed-stage investment) eligibility and are provided post-Sprints support through Arrowhead’s alumni program, Arrowhead Ventures.

NM FAST provides assistance for eligible businesses to pursue SBIR/STIR funding.

Arrowhead Park offers physical space and amenities to locate and grow business.

Arrowhead Ventures provides continued support for Sprint accelerator graduates.

K-University Student Entrepreneurship provides education and experiences to K-university students in New Mexico and the Borderplex is one of Arrowhead Center’s primary objectives. Arrowhead Center works with students from kindergarten through university, fostering an entrepreneurial mindset and providing resources and tools to practice innovative thinking and explore new venture creation. Programs include Studio G, Innoventure, and Aggie I-Corps.

Arrowhead Center’s LAUNCH program is based on a simple concept that yields great results: by exploring a technology’s commercial potential very early in development and providing funding and resources for that work, we stand a much better chance of moving a viable product to market.

NM EDD Programs