Rural Efficient Business Program (REBP)

What is the Rural Efficient Business Program?

The Rural Efficient Business Program (REBP) is a partnership between EDD, New Mexico State University (NMSU) and the NM Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP). The program strives to assist rural small businesses and agricultural producers in New Mexico to reduce energy consumption, increase profits, and explore ways to implement renewable energy systems.

The REBP is in support of the Governor’s Climate Change initiative.


The program is open to businesses located in rural areas (<50,000 in population) and agricultural producers.


NMSU engineers are able to visit your business in person, or do a remote assessment, to study your day-to-day energy usage. They make low-cost and no-cost suggestions for improvement to reduce your utilities costs and see real financial savings right away.

Contact Jalal Rastegary, 575.646.1510 or 


Experts from MEP can review your business’s workflow and identify changes to your processes that can help grow your bottom line. MEP has studied and assisted New Mexico businesses from bottling to plastics to clothing production.

Contact MEP, 505.262.0921 or visit their website.


EDD will work with partners to help connect you with the best resources for your business, putting everything from grants for solar power to loans and gap funding for building improvements or personnel hiring at your fingertips—learn how to finance renewable energy systems.

Contact Johanna Nelson, 505.469.6204,


EDD and partners will host an interview series with rural businesses across the state to discuss the importance of energy efficiency and renewable energy to their business. Conversations will focus on how making simple changes in energy consumption or energy systems could have big impacts on saving money and the environment.

To access interviews, schedule and find more information about the program go to