International Office

Requests for assistance from our foreign trade office must be channeled through the Economic Development Department’s Office of International Trade in Santa Fe.  Responses to requests will be made over a three working day period.  Working days are based on the local work week in Israel and do not include local holidays.

Please contact:

Edward R. Herrera, Director
New Mexico Economic Development Department
Office of International Trade
1100 S. St. Francis Drive
Santa Fe, NM 87505
Telephone:  505.827.0315
Fax: 505.827.0407

The New Mexico’s overseas international trade office assist New Mexico companies locate distributors and representatives throughout its region, but does not offer coverage for countries where the U. S. government maintains trade sanctions or other export restrictions.

New Mexico Middle East Trade Office

Mr. Sherwin Pomerantz, Director
P.O.B. 45005, 91450 Jerusalem, Israel
Telephone: (972) 2-571-0199