The Office of Business Advocacy

The Office of Business Advocacy opened its doors on January 10, 2011, as a direct initiative from Governor Susana Martinez and Economic Development Secretary Jon Barela. Its core mission is to advance New Mexico business and enterprise with expansion, retention, and growth by resolving challenging bureaucratic, intergovernmental, and public policy problems affecting businesses in New Mexico.

As Governor Martinez said in her 2011 State of the State Address, "Much like caseworkers in a congressional office, the Office of Business Advocacy will help small businesses break through regulatory roadblocks. One of the greatest and costliest challenges small businesses face is the fact that each agency creates its own maze of red tape. It's the small businesses - the mom and pop shops - the small start-ups that get lost in the layers of red tape. We will help them, and in doing so, send a loud and clear message that New Mexico is open for business."

Strategic Partnerships

The Office of Business Advocacy has a strategic partnership with the New Mexico Small Business Development Center network and its 19 offices. It works with Finance New Mexico, the Small Business Investment Corporation, the Federal Small Business Administration, the Economic Development Department's Regional Representatives, statewide economic development offices, and many more entities in all regions of the state.

The Office of Business Advocacy receives client referrals from the Governor's Office, the Lieutenant Governor's Office, the New Mexico Legislature, local governments, and various departments and agencies in state government.

For more information on the Office of Business Advocacy, please contact: 

Cassandra Baca
Tel: 505.827.0300