Innovation Voucher Awardees

Since its pilot in April 2016 the New Mexico Innovation Voucher Program has assisted the following companies.

Spring FY19 Awardees:

  • Acoustic Biosystems has developed systems that employ resonant ultrasonic waves in fluid chambers.  These systems can be used as a 'continuous flow centrifuge' to separate and process cells and blood in medical devices.
  • EquiSeq develops and sells genetic tests for horses. For horse breeders who seek to improve the health of horses, EquiSeq's Myopathy Panel is a set of DNA tests that predicts the onset of muscle-wasting disease before symptoms appear.
  • Guidance Foundation is a group mental health outpatient practice. Their innovation includes Artificial Intelligence in their Electronic Medical Record to improve doctors’ diagnostic abilities.
  • HatchForm creates innovative strategies and programs for economic development organizations, communities & governments, and entrepreneur support organizations like innovation hubs, accelerators, and business incubators.
  • Integrated Deposition Solutions, IDS, has developed the next-generation of aerosol printing technology, NanoJet™.
  • NeuroGeneces is a health tech start-up that improves neurological health through sleep science.  
  • Parental Values is a mobile parental control that provides parents the tools to monitor, track, and control the content on their children's mobile device.
  • RadPhysics Services (RadPhysics) provides radiation oncology professionals with a comprehensive and integrated approach to error management.
  • Think Ubiquitous builds computational utilities that pack heavy computational power in easy-to-use modular data solutions for unique applications.

Fall FY19 Awardees:

  • GPER G-1 Development Company is a drug discovery and development company based in Albuquerque.
  • Mimic Biosolutions LLC is a pharmaceutical startup company based in Albuquerque.
  • Mountain Vector Energy LLC reduces customer operating cost through the optimization of energy and water consumption and is based in Albuquerque.
  • Open Lab LLC has invented an automated mosquito saliva trap ‘MoST’ to combat dangerous microbes such as Zika and West Nile viruses. The company is based in Las Cruces.
  • Osazda Energy LLC provides materials engineering solutions to improve solar cell and solar module reliability and is based in Albuquerque.
  • RB Designs is addressing the problem of spinal immobilization and is based in Las Cruces.
  • Reap LLC is developing a mobile app that provides customized, self-adjusting crop plans and is based in Las Cruces.
  • Rebellis Development Group LLC provides information technology, cyber security, and professional technology services and is based in Albuquerque.
  • ThriveMo LLC is a health-tech startup, working to create a virtual hub for selfdirected health and is based in Las Cruces.
  • Zhennovate is a digital platform to scale resilience development and is located in Los Alamos.
  • ZiaHub Inc. is big data for properties not listed on MLS and is based in Santa Fe.

FY17-18 Awardees

  1. 11 Online
  2. Acoustic BioSystems
  3. AE Gorsuch
  4. Aqua Research
  5. Aurora
  6. Backyard Farms
  7. BuckleDown Systems
  8. Chronicle Cremation Designs
  9. CleanSpot
  10. ClearStream
  11. Cure DM
  12. EcoPesticides
  13. Ecoseal
  14. FabLab
  15. Ingenuity 
  16. Inspyrd Products
  17. Kool Armor
  18. New Horizons UAS
  19. Nosstrious
  20. Omphalos
  21. optiPulse
  22. Pivotal BioTech
  23. Richardson Innovations
  24. Rocky Mountain Micro Ranch
  25. SaneChart
  26. Sigma Labs
  27. Sigma Medical
  28. Silent Falcon
  29. SuperNova
  30. Sustainable Planet Solutions
  31. Teeniors
  32. Torchbearer
  33. Woodruff Scientific
  34. Xerb
  35. YXO