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Angel Investment Tax Credit

The Angel Investment Tax Credit is an incentive intended to encourage private investment in New Mexico technology-intensive companies and manufacturers.  If you are seeking equity financing for your company this program may provide an option.

A taxpayer who files a New Mexico income tax return and who is a “qualified investor” may take a tax credit of up to $62,500 (25% of a qualified investment) for an investment made in each of up to five New Mexico companies that are engaging in qualified research, as defined by the Internal Revenue Code, or manufacturing. The taxpayer may claim the angel investment credit for one qualified investment per investment round. Any portion of the tax credit remaining unused at the end of the taxpayer’s taxable year may be carried forward for five consecutive years.

Angel Investment Tax Credit Instructions

Angel Investment Credit Claim Form

Angel Investment Tax Credit Investor Application

Angel Investment Tax Credit Business Application

Applications for the certificate of eligibility must be mailed to:

                   Angel Investment Tax Credit Program
                   New Mexico Economic Development Department
                   PO Box 20003
                   Santa Fe, New Mexico 87504

For more information, contact David Mathews, General Counsel, 505-827-0241 or email at