Rural Efficient Business Interview Series:  Interview #9 with Northern New Mexico College (El Rito)

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  • The ninth interview of the Rural Efficient Business Program will feature Richard (Rick) Bailey Jr., Northern New Mexico College (NMMC) President. NMMC's main campus is in Española, but we will be taking this interview on the road, joining Rick for a tour at the rural El Rito Campus.

    Through a collaboration with Kit Carson Electric Cooperative and Guzman Energy, NMMC constructed a 1.5-megawatt solar array on the El Rito Campus. The solar array creates a source of renewable energy and electricity that was implemented to lower local energy raters and provide an increased tax base.

    Discussion topics will include resources for rural businesses such as:

    • funding and development
    • tax incentives
    • solar development

    NNMC continues to build on their Energy Future by partnering with Southwest Energy Integrators, working towards making both campuses Energy Net-Zero by 2030 and the Dual Campus Energy Audit in partnership with EMNRD.


    Upcoming Occurrences:

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