Staff Directory

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Alicia J. Keyes Cabinet Secretary 505-827-0305
Jon Clark Deputy Cabinet Secretary 505-476-3747
Shani Harvie Executive Assistant to Cabinet Secretary 505-827-0330
Lauren Longworth Marketing & Public Relations Specialist 505-827-2020
Elizabeth Davis Research & Marketing Director 505-827-0333
Bruce Krasnow Public Information Officer 505-827-0226
David Mathews General Counsel 505-827-0241
Ryan Eustice Economist 505-827-2191
Morgan Earnshaw Executive Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary 505-827-0300
Carrie Wells ED Program Coordinator 505-827-0309
Main Number 505-827-0300
Toll Free Number 800-374-3061
Office of the Secretary Fax Number 505-827-0328

Office of Business Advocacy

Sarah Silva Executive Secretary/Admin 505-827-2182
Mark Roper Director 505-827-0323
Judith Sandoval Office Manager 505-827-0307
Sarah Silva Executive Secretary/Admin 505-827-2182
Economic Development Division Fax 505-827-0407

Finance Development Team

Juan Torres Finance Development Director 505-827-0238
Johanna Nelson Finance Development Specialist 505-827-0264
Joel Salas Finance Development Specialist 505-827-0225

Community, Business & Rural Development Team

Christine Logan Las Cruces Office 575-373-5602
Tim Hagaman Mora Office 505-862-2322
Fred Shepherd Bernalillo Office 505-490-7966
Susan Russell Roswell Office 575-626-6653
Peter Mitchell Santa Fe Office 505-827-2199

Job Training Incentive Program

Sara GutiƩrrez Program Manager 505-827-0249
Patrick Gannon Marketing Coordinator 505-470-3572
Jennifer Prada JTIP Fiscal Administrator 505-827-1699
Fax Number 505-827-0407


Julie Blanke Program Planner Specialist 505-827-0363
Daniel Gutierrez MainStreet Director 505-827-0151
Jessica Mraz Communications & Promotions Specialist 505-827-0143

Office of International Trade

Edward Herrera Director 505-827-0315

Office of Science & Technology

Myrriah Tomar Office of Science & Technology Director 505-827-0222
Administrative Services Division Fax 505-827-0211
Marilu Casillas Division Director 505-476-2192


Chris Romero Financial Coordinator 505-827-0180

Accounting Audit - Contracts

Mary Armijo Accounting Auditor 505-827-0243
Ramona Gonzales Business Ops Specialist 505-827-0227

Human Resources Bureau

Heather Vigil Clark Human Resources Administrator 505-827-0246

Information Systems Bureau

David Ortega Chief Information Officer 505-827-2194
Matthew Rosetta IT Network Administrator 505-827-0229
Main Number 505-476-5600
Todd Christensen Division Director 505-476-5604
Rochelle Bussey Operations & Workforce Development Programs Manager 505-476-5604
Barbara Kerford Local Outreach Coordinator 505-476-5671
Don Gray Contract Locations Coordinator 505-476-5603
Film Division Fax 505-476-5601
Main Number 575-589-6501
Erika De La O-Medina Deputy Director 575-589-6501 x117
Laura Chaparro Commissions 575-589-6501 x114
David Espinoza Budget Analyst 575-589-6501 x123
Daniel Hicks Executive Director
Louis Gomez Aerospace Manager 575-267-8516
William Gutman Vice President, Aerospace Operations 575-267-8555
Sandra Franco Administration/Customer Relations Manager 575-373-6110
Belinda Lucero Financial Accounts Manager 575-267-8517
Zach De Gregorio Chief Financial Officer 575-267-8510
Tammara Anderton Vice President, Business Development 575-267-8570
Rosa Banuelos Business Development Manager 575-267-8515
Susan Raitt Business Development Manager 575-267-8522
Vince Barron Airfield Operation Manager 575-267-8585
Christopher Lopez Vice President, Site Operations 575-267-8861
Jay Johnson Maintenance Manager 575-267-8511
Frank Dominguez Maintenance Technician/Electrician 575-267-8520
Myron Davis Maintenance Technician/General 575-267-8521
Christopher Markham Information Systems Specialist 575-267-8455
Michael Bashore IT Manager 575-267-8450
Spaceport Authority Fax 575-373-6120