SavantX Considers Utah, Idaho, Oregon & California: Chooses New Mexico

24 Jun, 2020

SavantX, Inc., a quantum computing company, has selected New Mexico over four other states for its corporate research headquarters.  The company was started in Jackson, WY in 2015.   It uses artificial intelligence to analyze datasets, identifying relationships and patterns, and filtering the data. 

Company employees earn an average of more than $90,000 annually and include data scientists, software engineers, quantum scientists, and cybersecurity professionals. 

The state will invest $450,000 in LEDA funds in the project and the city of Santa Fe will invest $50,000. “New Mexico’s assistance from LEDA and the Job Training Incentive Program comes at a time when there is more economic uncertainty. Knowing the incentives are in place was a major factor in bringing SavantX operations to New Mexico.” President and CEO, Ed Heinbockel said.

Proximity to Los Alamos and Sandia National Laboratories was also a big factor in selecting Santa Fe.  “Santa Fe has a built-in workforce from the labs of people already doing quantum computing. In a lot of ways, Santa Fe is the nexus of this new computing," Heinbockel added. 

SavantX recently formed a partnership with D-Wave Systems Inc., a Canadian company that develops and offers quantum computing systems, software and services, and three other companies, on a project to optimize logistics on the spacing and placement of shipping containers to better integrate with inbound trucks and freight trains at the Pier 300 container terminal at the Port of Los Angeles.  The Pier 300 site handles 1.2 million container lifts per year.  See the video.

Back in New Mexico, SavantX will hardly be the first company to benefit from quantum computing research undertaken here.  UbiQD commercialized a quantum dot technology from LANL and has create a thin film, when attached to a window, enhances both plant growth and production.

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