Union Pacific Intermodal Facility

Santa Teresa Intermodal Terminal - Santa Teresa, NM

Terminal Information

Union Pacific completed construction on its new state-of-the-art rail facility in southern New Mexico in May 2014. For the first time ever, New Mexico has a key inland port, positioning the Santa Teresa/El Paso area as a strategic focal point for shipments in the southwestern U.S. 

The new facility increases capacity for lifts, parking and containers as volume in this area continues to grow. The Santa Teresa Facility also provides shippers and intermediaries additional access in the area.

Facility Features

  • Intermodal Ramp - This regionally focused intermodal ramp permits both local and regional businesses more immediate access to the efficiencies of freight trains.
  • Fueling Facilities - Located along the busy "Sunset Route" between El Paso and Los Angeles, this fueling facility enhances commerce and goods movement.
  • Intermodal Block Swap/Switching Yard - Enhancing capacity and efficiency, this new switching yard incorporates the latest engineering techniques for improved efficiency and throughput.

UP Intermodal Facility map