Spaceport-Related Activities Gross Receipts Tax Deductions

There are 4 separate deductions connected with the operation of a spaceport in New Mexico. 

  1. Receipts from launching, operating, or recovering space vehicles or payloads
  2. Receipts from preparing a payload in New Mexico
  3. Receipts from operating a spaceport in New Mexico
  4. Receipts from the provision of research, development, testing, and evaluation services for the United States Air Force Operationally Responsive Space Program

“Space” is defined as any location beyond altitudes of 60,000 feet above mean sea level. “Payload” means a system, subsystem or other mechanical structure designed and constructed to perform a function in space. “Space operations” is defined as the process of commanding and controlling payloads in space. “Spaceport” is defined as the installation and related facilities used for the launching, landing, operating, recovering, servicing, and monitoring of vehicles capable of entering or returning from space.