Key Industries

  • Sustainable & Green Energy: New Mexico is blessed with plentiful natural resources making it the 7th largest net energy supplier to the nation through a diverse portfolio of energy sources: oil and gas, solar and wind farms, geothermal, and algae and biofuel production.New Mexico offers a variety of unique assets to the global business community which positions the state at a significant competitive advantage in a diverse list of important and emerging industry segments.
  • Aerospace & Defense: Space pioneers found New Mexico 75 years ago and the industry continues to grow here thanks to an ideal climate, restricted air space, testing facilities, Spaceport America, and more.
  • Sustainable & Value-Added Agriculture: New Mexico's spicy, unique foods sell globally and food processing is growing here. Competitive electric prices, land costs, and wages separate New Mexico from other states.
  • Intelligent Manufacturing: In New Mexico, advanced manufacturing often begins with a new technology born here. Three national research laboratories, world renowned research universities and more specialized R&D facilities also enhance production capabilities.
  • Digital & Emerging Media: New Mexico offers production companies a very progressive tax credit incentive for CGI and related services rendered in New Mexico for film and multimedia projects. The consistency of these incentives, excellent film crews and services, and years of increased production and post-production levels, factored into Netflix' decision to chosse Albuquerque as the location of its new U.S. production hub.