Key Industries

  • Aerospace & Defense: Space pioneers found New Mexico 75 years ago and the industry continues to grow here thanks to an ideal climate, restricted air space, testing facilities, Spaceport America and more.
  • Biosciences: According to, biosciences in New Mexico makes up more than one-half of all R&D conducted in the state.  The industry employs more than 7,000 with 640 industry establishments.
  • Cyber Security: Both of New Mexico’s U.S. Department of Energy labs conduct extensive research in in cyber security.  New Mexico is also home to the Air Force Research Lab and White Sands Missile Range and a growing cluster of firms in the cyber security industry. 
  • Film & Television: Now home to Netflix’ U.S. production base and a NBCUniversal production hub, New Mexico offers beautiful locations, history, culture, one of the largest crew bases in the country, and a very generous refundable tax credit. 
  • Global Trade: New Mexico exports more than $3.5B in goods worldwide.  Our largest trading partner is, of course, Mexico, followed by China and Japan.  Computer & electronic products, at $2B, is the largest category of products exported from here.   The state is also a destination for foreign direct investment, with companies including Keter, CN Wire, Admiral Cable and Rhino Health manufacturing products here.
  • Intelligent Manufacturing: In New Mexico, intelligent manufacturing often begins with a new technology born here.  Companies like SolAero, UbiQD and 3D Glass Solutions are all examples of companies manufacturing products with a commercialized New Mexico technology.  Great incentives like JTIP and LEDA, and the West’s best climate for manufacturing are all great reasons to make your product here.
  • Sustainable & Green Energy: New Mexico is blessed with plentiful natural resources making it the 8th largest energy producer in the nation.  New Mexico has more than 6% of the U.S. total proved crude oil reserves and 4% of the proved natural gas reserves.  It is the fifth-largest oil-producing state.    New Mexico is also home to a growing number of solar and wind farms.  Wind energy contributed 14% of the state’s electricity generation.
  • Sustainable & Value-Added Agriculture: New Mexico’s spicy, unique foods sell globally and food processing is growing here.  Competitive electric prices, land costs, and wages separate New Mexico from other states.