Finance Development

If you are looking for an expert to guide you to the right financing tools, the Economic Development Department’s Finance Development Team (FDT) is ready to help. Team members work hand-in-hand with New Mexico companies to introduce them to tax incentives, job-training reimbursements and financial assistance programs.  The team also works closely with every program in the department, and assists every type of company, from technology commercialization to rural retail and service businesses.  Based on a one-on-one business call, our team members can produce a free, customized analysis of the incentives and state programs that will work for your company.

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Finance Development Team’s services include:

  • Financial packaging (debt or equity) and/or accessing capital
  • Review and interpretation of company financial statements
  • In-depth financial analysis and client consultations concerning all aspects of doing business, including a tax incentive overview or analysis.
  • Providing financial resource assistance to every type of business and industry

Finance Programs

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Financing Partnerships

There are two types of financing: debt and equity financing

  • Debt financing is traditional bank or alternative financing that must be repaid.
  • Equity financing is financing from a venture capitalist or angel investor that may or may not have to be repaid. However, equity financiers own a portion of the company and traditionally expect a higher return for their investment.

Navigating through programs and financing options can seem daunting and complex. That is why our experts are available to help you select the right tools to get the results you are looking for.

Finance Team Webinars:

View our YouTube Playlist for past FDT Webinars

  • DFA Explains the Infrastructure Capital Improvement Plan (ICIP) Process
    Here is your chance to learn more about understanding the ICIP process directly from the Department of Finance and Administration. They'll discuss why the ICIP is important, essential training information and submission guidelines. 
  • EMNRD Discusses Their Programs and Opportunities for NM CommunitiesRepresentatives from the state energy office present the latest on what is currently available to local communities for implementing energy efficiency and renewable energy generation projects. 
  • Explore NM Tourism's Funding Programs
    Learn about marketing and promotional, and beautification grant opportunities. 
  • Delve into NMEDD's Funding Programs
    The Finance Development Team explains the state's funding programs for business and community development. 
  • Explore CDBG Funding with NM DFA
    This webinar explains how New Mexican entities can take advantage of CDBG funds to serve their LMI residents. 
  • Brownfields Financing 101
    Explore how to utilize Brownfields financing opportunities to revitalize blighted areas in your community. 
  • Bond Financing 101
    Tony Rittner, CFDA CEO/President will discuss the basics of understanding bond financing in New Mexico.