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21 May, 2019
Sen. Ron Griggs and his wife Joan invited me to join them for the Desert Light Film Festival in Alamogordo.
16 Apr, 2019
It's officially called the National Space Symposium in Colorado Springs, but some call it Space Fling as in Spring Fling. I call it Space Camp, because
8 Apr, 2019
SANTA TERESA - I consider myself somewhat a cowgirl. After a summer of lifeguarding and working at the Esprit cart in Winrock Mall, I was 16 and had saved $700 to invest in cattle. Well…one cow…with my Uncle Steve. My first business deal, an investment for
19 Mar, 2019
5:15am wake-up call on the first work day after the legislative session – brutal! But weeks ago I committed to attending the LPOE International Loading/Unloading Zone Ribbon Cutting Celebration. What is that? Right? We’ll get to that…